Stories for the Soul

Journey to the Center of the Soul – Part 9

The valley was filled with cheery sunflowers and the grass lit up in varying shades of green and gold. Birds were busy, flying back home after a heavy day of hard work, as were the field rabbits, mice and other little critters. The evening sun added a celebratory feeling to the entire show.

The boy had made his way, away from the mountains and into the widest valley he had ever seen. Unlike the mist-filled, wetness of the mountains, the valley was warm and sunny. In an ideal situation, the boy would have been inhaling the warmth. But today, he was not.

He stood there, stick in hand, as worn-out as his backpack. Dropping his heavy bag, he too dropped to the ground, travel-weary, dis-heartened and moody. The boy lay down on the grass, hands folded underneath his head, sullen. Like the enormous size of the valley, which did not seem to end, his journey too seemed to have no end in sight. And the fact weighed him down, his mental weariness burdening his physical fatigue.

Seemed, is the catch word

It was the winds, of course. They were still around. “Ah! So you have not left my side, even though I have left the mountain side,” said the boy.

The winds are always around. We only change directions. Just like how you have, now

The boy sighed deeply. Yes, he was definitely changing directions. He was out here, and out there, going places, but what was he doing – he had no clue. It seemed as if he was going everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He had learnt a lot, but what was he supposed to do with all his learning? He had no clue what he was going after, or even his next destination. There simply seemed to be no end in mind.

Once again, we have landed upon the word seemed

The boy sighed once again. Even more deeply this time. “I know what you are telling me. You are telling me that things are not what they seem to be. The valley will end, as will my journey. But, when I don’t know where I am going or what I am doing, how do you expect me to stay inspired? What is the motivation that will see me through? What is the enthusiasm that will help me manage my physical weariness? For all I know, this journey could be never ending!”

Frustration took over. The skies above, colored in the evening shades, appeared mystical, mysterious. And never-ending. “The heavens are infinite. Just like my journey. I want to reach for the stars, which, unfortunately, can never be reached.”

And yet, the creatures of the sky seem to carry on

Well above the boy, a flock of geese moved gracefully through the winds.

Why do these winged-creatures carry on even though they get a taste of the infinite beyond every day?

“They carry on because they know they have stuff to do, places to go…”

What kind of places?

“Places that have food, water, shelter…”

The geese let out a chorus of gaggle. They were tired, but not too tired to gaggle…there was something that kept them going, something that kept telling them to keep flying…

The boy sat up in a sudden surge of energy. “Home! They are home-ward bound! The birds, the beasts, and the bees, they are all going home! Home, is their end in mind!”

As it is yours

“As it is mine!”

The boy jumped up, threw his backpack over his shoulders, and picked up his staff. He began to march across the valley, one hand moving over the grass that kept him company.

Aren’t you going back home?

“Home is my end-in-mind,” said the boy envisioning his family and friends. “My journey towards home, has just begun.”

Dear Reader,

Let’s begin with the end in mind.

Peace, is my end in mind. At the end of every day, I look forward to the peace of spending time with my family, getting locked inside a storybook, and adventuring into a night of dreams that I will never remember upon waking. Peace, is my end in mind, at the end of a lifetime, at the end of every lifetime. That is why and how I have begun my journey into well-being.

Peace, is my home.

What is yours? Figure out your end in mind, for every day. Remember, it is every day that culminates into a lifetime. What do you want to feel at the end of every day? What does home mean to you? With this end in mind, begin your journey. Your destinations will take you home.

For just like the birds, the beasts, and the bees, and just like the rest of nature, we are all homeward bound.

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