Poems for the Mind

What is Home, Really?

The Homeward Bound Series

What is home, really?

Is it a roof over the head,

Or the fragrance of freshly baked bread

Is it the taste of a first snowflake,

Or the rustling autumn leaves under the gardener’s rake

Is it the morning bird song,

Or the comforting routine of a church bell’s gong

Is it a night under the stars,

Or a peaceful nap after the tiring wars

It is a loving hug,

Or a place inside a snug rug

Is it a lost soul’s oasis,

Or a dear mother’s welcoming kiss

What is home, really?

Home, is where the heart is…

…in harmony, joy and at ease…

Dear Reader,

Yesterday, my husband and I completed the documentation required for buying our new home. Surprisingly, the four-hour wait at the registration office did not feel like the chore that I thought it would be. On the way back home, I wondered why I felt so confident and free, despite the chaotic crowd that would, in any other situation, unnerve and irritate me.

Maybe, my calm had to do with a sense of going home to something I am creating for myself, my family, and our people. This idea embraced me with a peaceful sort of exhilaration, for a while.

For a while…

And then the wave of despondency hit me. There was a crushing feeling of overwhelm that went on to bind its thorny self around my heart. That is what people and places do to us – they can overwhelm us with their ideas and demands for execution of these ideas. Right after the delightful idea of creating a sacred space; the thought of continuing to deal with various demanding personalities began to overwhelm me.

And these waves of despondency washed away any joy of homecoming.

It got me thinking – what does home mean to me? In another time, I would have said that it is the people that make the place, home. And during yet another time, I would have called home – a beautiful place that makes you all comfy and cozy. Yesterday, though, I gave myself a different answer.

Home, is a state of being – it is about relishing a sense of well-being and contentment. While we do need places and people for gaining this state of being, sometimes, all we need is our own dear selves to create this happy place. Right up there, inside our beautiful mind; and right in there, within our beautiful body. For the people and the places, as much as they exist around us, also exist right within. 

Let’s create soulful homes, inside-out, and keep the homes, soulful!

Here’s to flying back home!!!

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