Poems for the Mind

Into the Beyond, and Back…

The Homeward Bound Series

Pushed out,

Doors closed behind

I figure I have no choice,

But to fly away from home

At times, I soar,

At times, I fall

But I keep flying,

To reach for that star

En-route, I lose a feather

Shrugging, I continue farther

Then, falls another feather,

Soon, yet another

The loss of feathers,

Makes me wonder,

About the depth of the infinite yonder

The stars are lovely,

Bright and shiny,

Yet reaching for them,

Has caused quite the burn

Looking back,

I hear a crack

That little door,

Opens once more

I heave a sigh of relief,

Reaching out to this new belief

I turn around,

Now homeward bound

Dear Reader,

What does it mean to lose a feather?

Our wings are made of all the feathers that keep us alive – our people, our environment, our skills, our character. So, every time we lose a feather, we also end up losing a part of the energy that keeps us alive.

I have lost several feathers – my parents, my self-esteem, my skills, my home. En-route to today, I have managed to regrow a couple of the feathers that I have lost. But en-route to today, I have also decided that I am not going to reach for the stars anymore. I have lost too many feathers, I simply don’t have the energy, the good health to reach for the stars anymore.

I have not given up on my flight though. Instead, I have learnt the wisdom of letting go…

From here on, I am learning to take myself back home – to my health, my well-being, my original state of being. I am homeward bound, for the person who has left the door open also happens to wear my face. I am going back home to my own unbound soul. Yes, I am homeward bound.

On this return journey, I have promised myself that I will walk, not fly – pausing to feel the wind in my hair, catch the light on my son’s face, enjoy the duet between my feet and my husband’s as they travel near and far, immerse myself in the laughter of loved ones, cheer my fingers’ on as they sing to you…Yes, I am definitely homeward bound!!!

Join me in my journey as we talk inner nature, well-being and finding our way home through the darkness.

Here’s to beautiful homecomings!




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