Poems for the Mind

The Ballad of a Battle

There once was a war so great,

Played out between Destiny and Fate

On one side, stood the dreams,

Bright-eyed and hopeful

On the other, stood consequences,

Historical and quite vengeful

Destiny’s every move

Was countered by Fate’s stronger shove

Who would win this war so great,

Played out between Destiny and Fate

Who would win this battle so vast,

Between the eyes of the future and the past

The Fates declared their purpose –

Inside a circle, you see,

There is a rule for you and me

Inside a circle we are bound,

By the law of what goes around, comes right back around

The Destinies shouted foul,

Their dreams shattered with a heart-rendering howl

As the battle raged on,

The war cries invading evening and dawn,

The mighty Goddess awoke with a roar,

Every boundary, down she tore

In her rage, at the fight,

The Goddess ended up losing her own sight

Deciding to finish the story

She transformed into a Fury,

As complete annihilation loomed nearby,

The Destinies and Fates came knotted together in a final goodbye

During the moment, when Time entered its doom,

Arose four warriors, from right within the Goddess’ womb

Mothers of the Destinies,

Daughters of the Fates,

The four stood determined, to keep Time in its place

To slow down the course of Fury,

They resorted to many a story

The first sang a soothing lullaby,

The second belted out an enchanting tale,

While the third tattled away without fail,

The fourth bade time,

With many a daring rhyme

Together the four,

Created such a bore,

That the Fates went to sleep,

And the Destinies forgot to weep

As Fury slowed down her flow,

She began to turn aglow,

Transforming back into a Goddess,

The only one who could undo the entire mess

A glare from the Goddess,

Convincing them to cease,

The Destinies and the Fates,

Finally made their peace

Thus came to an end, a battle so great,

Played out rather dramatically, between Destiny and Fate…

Dear Reader,

When Gautama Siddartha was born, he was fated to grow either into a great king or a great saint. Just by attracting hell a lot of attention for becoming a great saint, Gautama, the leader of his own cult called The Buddhists, also turned out into a great king of sorts. And that is how, Gautama Siddartha’s fates played themselves out, despite the choices he made to carve out his destiny.

Right at the moment, we are formed, we are also fated to die. Life, from the time of birth, becomes the result of a multiplicity – of our biological patterns, and everything else that arises on account of this. For it is in our biology, that fate lays its rules.

With a multitude of cells constantly chattering away inside us, giving us instructions, telling us stories, passing out opinions and judgments, and feeling all those emotions, it is extremely difficult to undo the effect of the fates. We are bound to behave and grow in ways that follow the patterns set up in our DNA by our ancestors, our Fates. The Fates, also become our subconscious thought patterns.

Yeah, we are bloody ancient, all right, even when we are born.

In between all this hullabaloo of listening to the world that exists within us, we also develop a rather keen interest on the world that lies outside. With the rest of Nature hooting out to us in its own way, we begin to form desires, rejections, passions and pursuits. Herein, in the world of choices, we choose to build our Destinies.

Our fates and destinies are forever entwined in a constant state of argument between what we can do, what we have to do, and what we wish to do. There is a continuous knotting of worlds and a push and pull of strings, often awakening conflicting emotions within us, the Furies.

In order to handle this life-long state of conflict like a freaking pro, we need to transform ourselves into Gangstas at the art of war.

Sleep is the first zone that we need to hack into – it has to be downright healthy – there are no two ways about that cause we begin our journey into life, awakening from a deep sleep within the womb.

Next, we have to give ourselves a stellar story to experience our way through. Visualizing our life story is the beginning of a wonderful journey.

After that, we simply have to develop “that voice” – the voice that goads us – motivates us, encourages us, and supports us – into living out our story.

And finally, we instill and unlock the gift of laughter. It is a medicine, after all, and not a bitter one at that.

The Fates and Destinies have to work in tandem with each other. For, if we are fated to die, we might as well design our journey towards the end. And if we have to fall into the black hole, we might as well make it worth the ride. Life is a journey, let’s enjoy the ride…

Here’s to the beginning of beautiful endings!

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