Poems for the Mind

Remember Who You Are…

Remember who you are…
The tiny seed woke up in fright,
Awakening to a new plight
It was dark all around,
Silence, the only sound
Broken by the whisper,
That sounded a tad bit crisper
Remember who you are…
The seed fell into deep contemplation,
It was now on a mission,
To figure out its identity,
Although, often falling into self pity
Remember who you are…
The whisper sounded harsh this time,
As if the seed had committed quite the crime
Feeling a sharp whack in its side,
The seed screamed, “My hide, my hide”
Out sprouted a root,
Right through the seed’s painful toot
Oh yes, I remember, I am a root,
Said the seed, feeling much cute
At once falling into a slumber,
Moving right back into a comfortable lumber
Remember who you are…
The whisper was back,
Marking its way with a crack
The seed howled a hoot,
And out sprout a shoot
Oh yes, I remember now,
I have to reach for the light somehow
The seed began to grow,
With the whisper, often getting into a row
Until the time it came to agree,
About the fact that it was a handsome tree
The seed remembered who it was now,
To the whisper it turned to bow
Then came the day it fell,
Onto the sweet ground in a swell
At last it comes back to me,
Whispered the soul of the tree
I remember who I am now
I have become the whisper, somehow…

Dear Reader,
Some people cannot wait for the light to dawn. For the rest of us, we wish the night would go on. Growing up and listening to our calling can be downright painful, when all we want to do is sleep.

But grow up we must. This journey begins with a kick out of the womb, when we become too big to thrive within that space. And the kicks and bounces continue every time we fall into comfortable spaces, healthy or otherwise. Sometimes we are kicked out to work, sometimes we are kicked out to contemplate, and sometimes, we get kicked out, to just, feel.
Every time we feel the kick, remember, we have have grown too big, to continue to occupy the bubble that we live in. The kicks don’t judge – it is neither for the good, nor for the bad – the happy spaces are just as much a bubble as the sad spaces. And irrespective of whether we like it or, bubbles burst. We gotta move on.
Cause both life, and the after life, makes just one requirement of us – keep moving…

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